This super heroes portrait created by Murat SARISU using flat geometric method.

Intan Agustin is a young fine artist from Bandung, Indonesia that use mixed media for her drawing/painting.

After we learnt how to create a glass, now let's try another simple 3d object, a knife. First thing we have to do is make a knife profile, and then adjust its depth by using extrude or bevel feature.

1. Use Line to create the sharp part of the knife on top viewport window. Add more Fillet value if it's needed.

2. On modify panel, choose Extrude from Modifier List. On parameters rollout, enter value to give depth on knife object.

3. Next step is create the knife's handle by drawing a line. Enter a Fillet value, so the handle profile won't be taper.

4. On Modify panel, choose Bevel from Modifier List. On Bevel Values rollout, enter this parameters at Level 1. Height = 2 and Outline = 2,4. Active Level 2 check box and enter Height = 5 and Outline = 0. Active Level 3 check box and enter Height = 2,0 and Outline = -2,4

5. Next on Front viewport, drag the edge of the knife that is close to its handle, and move a little bit to the top, so it's place cross section of the knife.

6. Save the file, and you're done!.
Let's try create an easy object. This time we will model a glass object on 3ds Max. First thing you have to do is create a shape profile of the glass. After that, we add Lathe modifier to shape glass form. To create glass handle, we can use Loft Object.

Here's the step by step instruction for this tutorial.

1. On menu panel, click Create button. Then, choose Shapes and click Line button. Create a line object on your front viewport.

2. Active Vertex to make the lines corner not shape.

3. Choose the vertex on each corner, and enter value on Fillet parameter. Now you see the corner line is rounded. If you finish, deactivate Vertex button.

4. On Modify panel, choose Lathe from modifier list drop menu. Active Weld Core and Flip Normals on Parameters rollout. Click Min button on Align section.

5. The next step is make glass handle. First, active your front viewport and make a line of your glass handle. This line object is a path. Use Fillet feature to make the corner rounded.

6. After that, on Create panel click Shape and Rectangle button. Make a small box with glass handle diameter. On Modify Parameters rollout, add value on Corner Radius so the corner will have taper shape.

7. Choose Line object that make glass handle. On Create panel, click Geometry and choose Compound Object from dropdown menu. Next, click Loft button.

8. On Creation Method rollout, click Get Shape button and choose the handle box that you made on step #7. The glass handle will show like the picture below.

9. If you click on the object, you will see the glass and its handle are 2 different object. You can make them as 1 object through Boolean operation. From dropdown menu, make sure Compound Objects still selected. Select the glass object and click Boolean button. On rollout parameters and Operation area choose Union, then click Pick Operand B. Select glass handle to combine both object. Save the file on your folder.

After all these steps complete, now you have your simple 3d glass object. Hopefully, this tutorial is helpful.


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